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Woodstock Mothership

Updated on Sep 22, 2007

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My name is Drew and I’d like to invite you to join in a project I’ve been helping Paul McMahon with:
grouping the musicians in the Woodstock area into one centralized space.

At Paul’s request I created a new category within townzs:

Woodstock Mothership.

To search the group from any home page in townzs, enter:


and a page of thumbnails will appear:


which expand to pages like Paul's:


Links to the group will also appear in each home page of the town and
nearby towns in which the posts are published.

If you want to join, simply register and login, and you will be brought to your control panel, the Console, from which you manage and edit your account and posts.

If you want the post to appear under the name of your band, click “Account” and enter your band’s name where it says
“Business Name.”

To post your profile, click “My Posts”, then “Add New Post.”



Step 1 of 6: Title Your Post
Tell us how you want the title of the post to appear.

You can put your name here, or your name + a brief description of your music and instrument, or if it’s a show you’re advertising, your name + the venue info, etc. You can always edit the title later if you don’t like how it reads, or when the date of the show is over, etc.

Step 2 of 6: Enter a keyword to identify your category

Here you chose a category in which to post. Enter
Mothership, and a purple link will appear, then follow the steps.

If you want to post on townzs, but want to do it under a different heading, just search around for the closest category match by typing in one related keyword.

If you don’t see one which matches your needs, let me know and I’ll create a new heading customized for you.

If you have other careers and interests besides music, feel free to put them out there as well. If you want to post under other business names, you’ll have to register again with a different email address for each one. Either that, or just post everything under your own name, whatever seems most appropriate.

Step 3 of 6: Enter the primary town in which the post should appear.

Enter the zip of where you live, practice, or perform, and the Mothership will extend beyond Woodstock into all the other homepages of the area, for example:




If you need to, you can put more than one post in different towns, just please use different images for your thumbnail and for the post itself, and upload different mp3s, so we keep the variety going.

Step 4 of 6: Upload a thumbnail
The thumbnail is important, it’s the first thing the viewer sees. It should be the same image that you will post large, or it should be closely related. If you choose to skip this step, the public will see a standard townzs thumbnail.

Step 5 of 6: Upload Images, Text and URLs to your post.
You can add as much imagery and text as you like, within reason, of course. You can always return later and add more, move the block positions, edit text, and/or delete parts or all of this post.

For best mp3 uploads, keep them at less than 8 MB.

Step 6 of 6: Review
If you are not ready to publish this post, you can return to continue editing it, or you can save it and keep it private. Save and Keep Private allows you to return at a later date to complete it. If you are satisfied with your post and are ready to go live, click Save and Make Public. You can always return later to further edit your post, change its status to private, or permanently delete it.

Until you affirmatively click Save and Make Public, no one will see your post. Once you have made it public, you can always add to it, edit it, change it to private or delete altogether.


townzs is a new site still in testing and the bugs aren’t worked out of it yet.

It seems to function best in Firefox.

If you see some crazy error messages that make it look like your
monitor is about to implode, don’t worry, it won’t, just hit the
back button and try again. For best results with mp3s try to stay
under 8 MB.

For text documents, it's best to save frequently, otherwise the cache expires and you can lose your work, like just happened to me. :(

Or just create the text in wordpad, then copy and paste.

Please let me know if you have any technical problems with it, and I
hope to see you there.



About me:

About townzs:

Drew Knapp
goodideazs, LLC

[email protected]

973.783.3226 Montclair
845.688.5282 Chichester

goodideazs, LLC is not affiliated with the authors of this post nor is it responsible for its content, the accuracy and authenticity of which should be independently verified.

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