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Updated on Jul 15, 2020

3BD Condo for rent in Los Muertos Beach, Puerto vallarta

Located in: Puerto Vallarta
PVRPV Puerto Vallarta Vacations presents this luxurious beachfront condominium on Los Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta.

NEW LUXURY PUERTO VALLARTA CONDO LIKE NO OTHER PRESENTED BY PVRPV -- spectacular 9th floor views overlooking Los Muertos Beach, the pool, the Bahia de Banderas, Malecon and Puerto Vallarta city lights. THREE PRIVATE BEDROOMS - 2 master bedrooms, 1 small bedroom all with king size beds/sumptuous linens and 3 full baths ---- IDEAL FOR 1 TO 6 GUESTS ------ modern, sleek and luxurious with contemporary original Mexican art throughout the unit.

This fabulous Vallarta Vacation Condo is located right on Los Muertos beach within just a few steps from the popular Zona Romantica. This is the most perfect location in Puerto Vallarta! Molino de Agua #904 is a private luxury beachfront retreat in the heart of Old Town and the Romantic Zone. Shopping, restaurants, nightlife, beach activities and the famous Malecon are right outside your door!

Take the semi-private elevator directly up to the front door of 904 Puerto Vallarta Rental or down to the pool with a lush jungle garden and hammocks beside the Rio Cuale. Sunbathe by the pool or on the private beach, relax and swim in the exclusive and vast infinity swimming pool with swim-up bar. Enjoy the serene tranquility of Molinos private facilities or step just outside the gated-security entrance directly to the fun and energy of the public beach and Malecon. The choice is yours!

Molino de Agua 904 offers over 3100 square feet of luxury living and large terraces with huge cushioned couches and loungers for relaxing and entertaining. The marble-covered patio and living areas overlook the Oceano Pacifico sunsets, Sierra Madre Mountains, jungle, and city lights of Puerto Vallarta. Watch the nightly fireworks from the terrace or dining and living rooms. Listen to music from the built-in surround sound stereo system while you wander through the condo and enjoy art and sculpture from well known Mexican artists.

Among the amenities of this Puerto Vallarta Vacation Condo you will find: five televisions, one 52" LCD Flat Screen TV In living room, one Flat screen TV in each bedroom and one in Master bathroom; Stereo System with I-Pod dock and surround sound (on deck too!); Jetted Tub in Master Bath with spectacular view - Champagne bucket may be provided (Remote control privacy shade for window) and the small bedroom shares the bathroom across the hallway; a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen with Gas Oven, Gas Stovetop, Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite countertops with island/bar; Cooking Necessities such as: pots/pans, utensils. baking dishes, mixing bowls, blender, mixer, toaster, serving pieces; Barware: Martini shaker, wine and ice buckets, glassware, blender; Entertaining Items: Bar glasses, serving trays, wine opener, champagne/wine corks; Refrigerator with: Ice Maker, Ice Dispenser, Purified Water; Coffee maker and Coffee Bean Grinder (a "must have" to enjoy Mexican coffee!); Dishwasher, Microwave, Ice Maker (purified water intake), Disposal, etc. and an outdoor barbeque area will delight the inner chef in you, but why cook when you can experience the wonderful array of taste sensations offered by the local restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta is known for its fabulous food! From simple taco stands to elegant restaurants with noteworthy chefs, this area offers a true culinary experience. And, if you are too relaxed to leave the condo, many of these wonderful restaurants will even cater and deliver a meal, appetizers and drinks directly to your Puerto Vallarta Vacation Condo. (But do not forget that one of the advantages of eating out in Puerto Vallarta is that this city has purified water throughout!)

The most beautiful condo with a breathtaking panoramic view awaits you! Brought to you by PVRPV - Molino de Agua #904 a Vallarta Vacation Condo you will never forget!

****************** PROPERTY POLICY RULES ***********************

Condominio Residencias Molino de Agua
Homeowner’s Rules and Regulations
We want everyone who walks through our gates to feel welcome and have a sense of tranquility and security. Our Bylaws and these Rules
and Regulations are intended to support that culture. It is important that we all cooperated in maintaining the lifestyle we chose by selecting
Molino de Agua as our residence in Puerto Vallarta. It is also important to recognize the dedication of our staff in serving us and show
them the respect they so rightly deserve.
A. General
1. Residencias Molino De Agua is established strictly as private RESIDENTIAL DWELLINGS and cannot be construed to be a
commercial condo-hotel or holiday resort. All owners and occupants must respect the rights of others to enjoy life in the beauty
and tranquil lifestyle of Residencias Molino de Agua as a private dwelling.
2. In accordance with the Bylaws, noise from within a unit, including voices and music, must be kept to a minimum level at all times
and especially after 11 PM and before 9 AM.
3. Owners should immediately report any security incidents or concerns to or potential rules violations to Administration and/or
available security personnel. Owners are not to directly confront any other owner, guest or third party in the event of a security
concern or suspected rules violation.
B. Non-Owner Occupant Security Registration
1. Owners and/or their designated representative will notify the Administrator in writing/email prior to arrival of any non-owners
occupying their unit in Molino De Agua. Such notice will state the dates of occupancy, approximate arrival time, name, age
(minimum of 25 years old), address and phone number of the responsible party and the names of all other occupants. Prior to
registration non-owner occupants must be provided a copy of Molino De Agua Rules and Regulations by either the owner or his
representative. At the time of registration, the responsible party must sign that they have read and accept the obligation to respect
and obey them the same as any owner. The Administrator and/or Security will prohibit entrance to the premises if these
requirements have not been satisfied. The owner of the unit has the ultimate responsibility for the behavior and any financial
indebtedness created by any non-owner occupants.
2. Designated representatives of owners must be present to provide Security their business and/or personal information including a
24 hour contact phone number, greet non-owner occupants, assist in registration, familiarize them with the facilities, escort them
to their unit, provide guest with 24 hour contact information and keys including the electronic key card for the tower security doors
locked after 7 PM and the outside security gates for entrance to the Molino property. Molino Security is not allowed to leave their
posts to escort non-owner occupants to their unit and is not responsible for guest services. Security tower/gate electronic fobs/cards
issued to owners for their personal use are not to be provided to non-owner occupants.
3. Non-owner occupants who lose their unit door key or tower/gate electronic security card must obtain a replacement from the owner
and/or his representative. The Administration office and Security are not allowed to distribute keys at any time.
4. Occupancy of a unit by a non-owner will be for a minimum period of SEVEN CONSECUTIVE DAYS (SIX CONSECUTIVE
5. With the exception of when the owner, his/her immediate family members and/or personal guests are occupying his unit; the
number of non-owner occupants in a unit will be limited to a maximum of eight persons. For purposes of this subsection, each
minor will be considered as one person. Molino de Agua administration will confirm the exact number of non-owner occupants
registered upon arrival
6. Non-compliance with Molino de Agua Rules and Regulations may result in a visitor being banned or ejected from Molino premises
and /or other penalties by the Administrator and Council.
7. To request use of Molino grounds by an owner for (1) an owner’s family gathering, e.g. wedding ceremonies, etc. or (2) charitable,
non-profit organization event in which the owner is active, the owner/host must provide reasonable advance notification to the
Administrator and Council. The Administrator and Council may approve such use of the Molino grounds, in their reasonable
discretion, as long a (i) the owner host must be present for the event, (ii) the owner has provided specific information including time
of the operation, number of attendees, extent of use of Molino grounds and efforts to limit loud sound/music, (iii) all tables, chairs,
bars etc. including maintenance must be furnished by the event planner, with little or no use of Molino staff or furnishings, and (iv)
all liability must be accepted in writing by the host, the legal representative of the event planner for the non-profit organization and
outside purveyors, as applicable; as well as the provision of evidence of insurance
C. Pool Rules
1. Use of the pool is at one’s own risk, no lifeguard or attendant is on duty. An adult must accompany children age 12 and younger
at all times.
2. Moral behavior and equal treatment and respect for others at Molino de Agua is expected at all times.
3. Proper swim attire is always required for children and adults in the pool and surrounding area. Nudity is never allowed. Babies
must be in swim diapers.
4. Non occupant guests of Owners may only use the pool or pool furniture if the Owners are present on Molino premises.
5. Non-owner occupants must have prior authorization from the Administration; and not be specifically prohibited by the Owner; and
must also be present at the pool in order to have any non-occupant guest(s) use the pool or pool furniture
6. Lounges, chairs and umbrellas cannot be reserved; they are for use on a first come first served basis. All chairs and lounges when
occupied must be covered with towels for health and maintenance reasons. Towels may be removed by Security if pool lounges
remain unoccupied for more than 15 minutes and the occupant has vacated the pool area.
7. Glass and breakable objects are not allowed in the pool or on the surrounding terrace.
8. Eating is not permitted in the pool except seated at the palapa restaurant area.
9. Smoking is not permitted in the pool, on the surrounding terrace or any other common area with upholstered furniture. A smoking
area with seating is provided on the river terrace.
10. Pets are not allowed in the pool or on the surrounding terrace.
11. Behavior and excessive noise around the pool and all common areas that lessen the enjoyment of others in the area or disturbs
the occupants of units nearby is not permitted. Earphones must be used with electronic music devices. In particular, use of the
pool between the hours of 11 PM and 9 AM must be done quietly.
12. Running, diving, horseplay and use of water guns, frisbees and hard balls are not permitted.
13. Inflatable rafts and toys must not interfere with the use of the pool by others.
14. Chairs or lounges are not permitted to be moved into the pool.
15. Washing sand from your feet before entering the pool is required; shoes cannot be worn in the pool including the shallow areas
except for clean water sports shoes.
16. Personal items and garbage must be removed when leaving the pool area.
17. Exclusive use of the pool, surrounding terrace and/or garden for private parties is prohibited without prior approval of the
19. When entering the pool, users are encouraged to enter via the safety ramp on the far East side or the stairs with the railing on the
Southwest side. Those with physical disabilities are required to use the safety ramp.
D. Safety & Security
1. Owners must deposit a key to their unit and their storage unit with the Administration or provide the name and phone number of a
contact who is available at all times to provide entry to the unit in case of a maintenance or security emergency. Damage to the
door due to forced entry because of an emergency will be repaired at the owner’s expense.
2. Setting glasses and all other items, which might fall off terrace railings or throwing smoking material and other items off terraces is
hazardous to occupants below and strictly prohibited.
3. All unaccompanied visitors must enter through the front gate. In the absence of prior written authorization by an owner, Security
will determine if the occupant of the unit they intend to visit is present before permitting entrance. An owner is responsible for the
actions of any visitors for which they authorize admission to Molino property.
4. For security reasons entry by all persons onto the premises between 12 AM and 6 AM must be through the front gate. Guests of
non-owner occupants entering between 12 AM and 6 AM must register and leave identification with Security, which will be returned
when exiting.
5. An owner may file authorization in writing with Security granting admission on an ongoing basis by their property manager, a private maid service, a listing real estate agent or his representative. A real estate agent who wishes to conduct an “open house” at Molino
de Agua must notify the administration and provide a host at the front gate to greet any guest, assist with Security registration,
provide direction to the featured units and observe their progress in the right direction. The real estate agent assumes the same
responsibility as the owner for the actions of any guest.
6. Under no circumstances may drones be flown within the Molino de Agua property.
E. Parking Rules
1. An owner’s vehicle, including a motor cycle, must be parked in their designated space. An authorization agreement must be negotiated to park additional vehicles in another owner’s space. Keys for all vehicles must be deposited with the Administration when the owner is not in residence. In case of an emergency or a vehicle is parked in an unauthorized space and keys are not available, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.
2. Parking for non-owner occupants on the premises must be in the designated space of their unit.
3. Parking spaces are for vehicles only and cannot be used as storage space.
4. Owners shall not permit any non-occupants of their unit to park in the designated parking assigned to the owner except for use by (I) an owner’s guest when the owner is present on the Molino premises or (ii) the owner’s property manager or a vendor when they are providing services in the owner’s unit, and who has been authorized through Molino Security.
5. Owners are responsible for any damage caused by cars that they authorize to use their space.
F. Exterior appearances, construction and repairs.
1. Under no circumstances can condominium occupants take away the uniform aesthetics of the building by leaning cushions against or hanging anything on terrace railings, including towels, clothing, lights (other than described in (3) below), banner/flags, or any other item.
2. Nothing can be stored in common areas, such as elevator lobbies, stairwells, gardens and pool area. Security and/or maintenance staff will promptly remove any stored property.
3. Holiday decorations are permitted on the condominium front door, terrace and railings during the period of December 1 until January 15.
4. Signs or any sort or commercial advertisements are not permitted on exterior doors, windows, terraces or common areas. With authorization of the Administrator, charity and public announcements can be posted in designated areas.
5. Owners are responsible for damage to the building façade and units below from excessive watering.
6. Work in units is permitted between 9 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday and on Saturday 9AM to 1PM. No work is permitted on Saturday after 1PM, or Sunday and Holidays without the prior approval by Administration. Attachment “A” will provide specific requirements and limitations as to times, dates and duration, as well as delineate the different requirements for renovation, remodeling or repairs which are deemed by Administration to be “Minor” or “Major”. These requirements are intended to ensure that any renovation, remodeling or repairs do not adversely impact other owner’s quiet enjoyment, health or safety, nor adversely impact the condominium or its infrastructure. Failure to comply with this Rule and/or the requirements in Attachment “A” may result in the Administrator requesting and obtaining Council approval to delay or halt the work until such time as the requirements are met.”
7. No changes in common areas, including painting can be done by an owner without an approval vote of seventy five percent at an Extraordinary meeting of Owners and a permit issued by the Council and Administrator.
G. Pets
1. Owners are permitted to have a total of two pets, dogs and/or cats.
2. Non-owner occupants are not permitted to have pets.
3. Dogs and cats must be on a leash and under control at all times when on common areas.
4. Pet waste must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly.
H. Enforcement
1. Non-compliance with the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of Residencias Molino de Agua by an owner, a non-owner occupant or guest will be dealt with in the manner provided in the Bylaws and may result in curtailment of services and /or financial penalties
levied against the owner. Any damages to common areas or furniture by an owner or his guests will be repaired or replaced by the
Administration at the owner’s expense.
“Financial penalties as prescribed in this Bylaw for non-compliance in the following situations will be assessed by the Administrator.
1. Failure to register ownership of unit upon purchase; First a warning – after thirty days and each thirty days thereafter a penalty of $100.00 USD
2. Excessive noise from within a private unit or on common areas; First a warning – second occurrence, $50.00 USD penalty - $100.00 USD penalty each occurrence thereafter.
3. Violation of pool rules; First a warning – second occurrence $50.00 USD penalty - $100.00 USD penalty each occurrence thereafter.
4. Contamination of pool and common areas; Penalty of $200.00 USD and reimbursement of expenses to correct the problem.
5. Violation of occupancy limitation (number of persons, number of days); Penalty of $200.00 USD for each day of non-compliance.
6. Violation of pet rules; First a warning – second occurrence, $50.00 USD penalty - $100.00 USD penalty for each occurrence thereafter.
7. Possession of pet on the premises by a non-owner occupant; Penalty of $150.00 USD – immediate removal of pet from premises.
8. Hanging anything from terrace rails, including towels, clothes, lights, banners and flags; First a warning – second occurrence, $50.00 USD penalty - $100.00 USD penalty for each occurrence thereafter.****************** Additional Notes ***********************
CHECK IN time for all properties is 3:00pm and CHECK OUT time for all properties is 11:00am. If you require early CHECK IN or late CHECK OUT please contact your PVRPV concierge.
Please note if you require a CHECK IN or CHECK OUT before 8am or after 8pm you will incur an additional charge of $25.00 USD tax included which must be paid in cash, and collected by concierge.
Remember that Puerto Vallarta is located in Central Time zone (same as Mexico City, GMT-6)

You will be issued 1 set of keys per person for the property you are visiting.
Cleaning Services: The services included is based on a minimum rental of 7 days. In case your rental is less than this or require additional services the cost will be $500.00 MXN per day
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