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How can VR apps help kids beat anxiety?

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Updated on May 30, 2019

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Virtual reality has been changing the lifestyle of people across the globe. It has made its way into the pedagogy of some of the developed countries too. Some of the best VR apps are being used to educate children in an interactive way. Besides, kids suffering from mental disorders like autism can immensely benefit from these apps.

The reputed developers have come up with technologies, that combine in-vivo exposure therapy and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). This makes learning an enjoyable pursuit for kids. Even children who feel it difficult to socialize can acquire the skills and mature. Some of the parents are also using the best workout apps to train up their children with the basic physical exercises. Besides, the reputed app developers are coming up with customized solutions for their clients.

How can your child benefit from VR apps?
One of the biggest advantages of virtual reality apps for kids is that, they can combat the fear while learning. Besides, these apps can have a variety of applications. Some of these include:
•Minimizing anxiety in kids
•Knowing the concerns of the child before visiting the doctor
•Calming anxious children, when they remain home with a babysitter

Presently, many kids are apprehensive, when they interact in the classroom. Others may be worried about medical procedures. The best VR apps help kids conquer these fears. The exposure stories can be viewed on the apps. These apps show them what they are likely to experience.

Dealing with child behaviour
Another important application of VR apps enables you to teach your kids about how they can regulate their emotions. These apps feature avatars that can be customized, and configured in such a way, that they match the style, hair colour and skin tone of your child. The kids enjoy the visual entertainment and get encouraged to behave in the desired way. Various flexible charts, videos and stories are used to motivate the children, and eventually you can change their behaviour.

Are VR apps really effective?

According to studies, VR apps help in amplifying certain areas of the brain. These zones are related to control and attention. As a result, the children are able to:
•Become familiar with the techniques for the emotional regulation
•Strengthen the skills required for daily living
•Gain greater control when they deal with real-life issues

At the same time, the best workout apps help kids to maintain a good physical health.

Some of the VT apps enable the kids to view animated stories. The kids need to work on a particular scene at a time. They can work at their own pace, till they are ready to go ahead to the next one. These scenarios are close to life, and meaningful. The kids can also get an immediate feedback. In the process, it enhances the ability of the kids to adjust to the environment under stress.
The virtual reality apps can reinforce positive behaviour in the children. Besides, these apps can be customized according to the needs of each child. The parents can use these flexible programs to aid their children with specific activities in particular situations.
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