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Updated on Nov 11, 2019

Cozy bed in share room & extras in Paradise Area

Located in: Prague
Centrum city ~10 min.#cozy bed in share room# vegetarian,non smoking,no any intoxication like alcohol or drugs(in room)#Gouranga restaurant vegan /vegetarian in house #Free wifi#Only males#tram 1min#Naturenear#Bhakti yoga centrum in house

The Space :

It is wonderful accommodation here with family atmosphere . It is bright over day.Nice and quick  heating here. Hot water in shower  every time. cozy beds. We have comfortable beds ,floor& air mattresses

You are booking in this category bed in share room, not private room.

We have juice machine here and smoothie machine so you can make anytime any kind of  juice  here. We have steam pot for very healthy cooking.Also shops are nearby. Friendly people are here.

Bhakti-yoga sessions staring at 6.00 am or early morning ~4.30 for donation. It is on ground floor in flat number 2 (different apartment from this one but in same house)

We have also open on week days our veg club restaurant in the same house. Open from 11am- 6pm ( Friday till 4pm )

If like to do sport at morning here are nice parks around with wonderful view on Prague, it is very nice for morning sunrise meditation.

We are giving teaching on vedic cosmology,healthy eating,karma, reincarnation, yoga, Krishna consciousness,God,self-realization, Vedic  cooking. We have also many books here writen in English, Czech, German, Spanish etc... on the wisdom of Old India for free reading or you can take in home for donation.

There is also free parking 15 min from apartment if you need to park.

#please read more in additional rules

#number of sleeping places : ~4

#1.5 bathroom means that you can also use toilet if you are in second apartment for bhakti-yoga morning session

# extra services like books ,cookies, meditation beds can be taken in home for donations( there is minimum amount on each product ). Just let me know. Also we provide sometimes morning mantra meditation session with classes on vedic teaching for donation (suggested is ~100 Kc ). Also we can bring you veg breakfast (if we have capacity ) for 108 kc. Or lunch for 150kc.

# we have sometimes free dinner if there is left over food from restaurant

Guest access :
Kitchen, bathroom, washing machine(after disccus with manager ,40kc),pots,mixer juice ,living room, built floor,next apartment in time of yoga or for study.

Guest interaction :
Nice and quick interaction. Even on phone or online. In any my absence you can contact my friends in second flat I am usually online.

!If you have something important frist write to me on message! And give minimum 30 min to answer

Other Notes:

#extras in house (for extra money) : bhakti-yoga sessions, veg. restaurant for our quests or from our cooking. We can cook for you also.

#breakfast is provided. If we don't have time to cook we will leave for you our healthy Krishna cookies) with tea). Breakfast cost 100 kc.We can make also wonderful lunch or dinner for same price.

#sleeping places in room max 5. The room is interpassing because is interconnecting
#gym is in Park Vítkov . About 5 min walk from apartment. It is outdoor public gym, very nice for summer exercise. With nice wiew on Prague

#Pool is 2 min from apartment. It is public pool and cost only about 300 kc per hour.

# nice lakes around, about 30 min with tram for free access or for small fee there. (we can explain you where and how). Prague is full of Nature.

# outdoor BBQ grill is in Park parukarka. 2 min from apartment.

#Farmaci is just infront of the house in case of any medical problems

#free city parking 15 min from apartment. But we are not responsible if it is not available. We will just give you information where you can find. Weekend is free infront of house

# check out is specific time so if you are staying longer you have to have our premision or you just easy send more money through out Airbnb app for one night more . You can also have drop of baggage with us and for this we are charging just only 100 czk .

#If you like to book only our short 1 hour Airbnb experiences here is the link

"Happy Bhakti-yoga relax advanture"


"Get Book & meditation"


Eco Krishna Farm tour


Sport adventure with meditation


# This is not hotel or hostel ) but through Airbnb sharing my apartments which we use mostly in Summer time for yoga . If there is not clean I can call my friend to make it or i will send you cleaning fee back . I am presently in Prague so we are ready to serve you with my grilfriend). On winter travelling in USA,Mexico, Chile, India, Europa etc.. so I am managing my place online. It is very cheap accommodation anyway, i just need to cover cost of renting and save money for traveling ) and if there is any profit will be nice.I am mostly doing that Airbnb because i want people to experience meditation. I think that Airbnb is not just about accommodation but mostly about experience. Meet with different people & different calture and explore living with local and feel like famyli etc....similar to the couchsurfing idea but with money involved .Airbnb is more less my hobby so don't expect professional Hotel :) , but same time for the price ,location and few free services like yoga,food we are begging for 5 * rewiew )

Teaching : From A.C. Bhaktivedata Swami Prabhupada(Founder Acarya of our international society for Krishna conciousness)


For those who are attached to this bodily machine, the yoga system is recommended. One who is overly attached to the bodily conception is taught to concentrate the mind by some physical gymnastics. Thus in haṭha-yoga one undergoes various physical disciplines, but the real purpose is to understand Viṣṇu, the Supreme. The various yoga systems are given for the machine of the body, but the process of bhakti is transcendental to mechanical arrangements. It is therefore called tad-vijñāna, transcendental to material understanding. If one actually wants to understand spiritual life and spiritual knowledge, one has to approach a guru. The word guru means "heavy," heavy with knowledge. And what is that knowledge? Tad-vijñāna. That heaviness is brahma-niṣṭhā—attachment to Brahman and to Parabrahman, Bhagavān.

Spirit soul & reincarnation :

Since every living entity is an individual soul, each is changing his body every moment, manifesting sometimes as a child, sometimes as a youth, and sometimes as an old man. Yet the same spirit soul is there and does not undergo any change. This individual soul finally changes the body at death and transmigrates to another body; and since it is sure to have another body in the next birth — either material or spiritual — there was no cause for lamentation by Arjuna on account of death, neither for Bhīṣma nor for Droṇa, for whom he was so much concerned. Rather, he should rejoice for their changing bodies from old to new ones, thereby rejuvenating their energy. Such changes of body account for varieties of enjoyment or suffering, according to one's work in life. So Bhīṣma and Droṇa, being noble souls, were surely going to have spiritual bodies in the next life, or at least life in heavenly bodies for superior enjoyment of material existence. So, in either case, there was no cause of lamentation.
Any man who has perfect knowledge of the constitution of the individual soul, the Supersoul, and nature — both material and spiritual — is called a dhīra, or a most sober man. Such a man is never deluded by the change of bodies.
The Māyāvādī theory of oneness of the spirit soul cannot be entertained, on the ground that the spirit soul cannot be cut into pieces as a fragmental portion. Such cutting into different individual souls would make the Supreme cleavable or changeable, against the principle of the Supreme Soul's being unchangeable. As confirmed in the Gītā, the fragmental portions of the Supreme exist eternally (sanātana) and are called kṣara; that is, they have a tendency to fall down into material nature. These fragmental portions are eternally so, and even after liberation the individual soul remains the same — fragmental. But once liberated, he lives an eternal life in bliss and knowledge with the Personality of Godhead. The theory of reflection can be applied to the Supersoul, who is present in each and every individual body and is known as the Paramātmā. He is different from the individual living entity. When the sky is reflected in water, the reflections represent both the sun and the moon and the stars also. The stars can be compared to the living entities and the sun or the moon to the Supreme Lord. The individual fragmental spirit soul is represented by Arjuna, and the Supreme Soul is the Personality of Godhead Śrī Kṛṣṇa. They are not on the same level, as it will be apparent in the beginning of the Fourth Chapter. If Arjuna is on the same level with Kṛṣṇa, and Kṛṣṇa is not superior to Arjuna, then their relationship of instructor and instructed becomes meaningless. If both of them are deluded by the illusory energy (māyā), then there is no need of one being the instructor and the other the instructed. Such instruction would be useless because, in the clutches of māyā, no one can be an authoritative instructor. Under the circumstances, it is admitted that Lord Kṛṣṇa is the Supreme Lord, superior in position to the living entity, Arjuna, who is a forgetful soul deluded by māyā. (Taken from Bhagavad -Gita as it is )
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