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Choosing The Right Injectable

Dermatology Physicians & Surgeons

Updated on Nov 18, 2014

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In today's world of readily available treatments for nearly any aesthetic goal, it is important to know how to chose the right injectable filler for you.

Determining the right filler comes down to the individuals needs. Many clients turn to injectable fillers to reduce the appearance of aging by diminishing the lines that form on the face from the aging process. This type of treatment can be used for either moderate lines or for those who have lines that are deeper set into the dermis.

When one is young, the body produces hyaluronic acid to maintain the appearance of hydrated and youthful looking skin. As one ages the amount of HA or hyaluronic acid, decrease. This can often result in the skin looking dehydrated and wrinkled. Essentially, varying formulas of hyaluronic acid are selected and administered via injections in the form of a clear gel. These injections are utilized to greatly diminish and nearly completely erase the facial lines with restored levels of volume.

There are also injectable fillers comprised of both collagen stimulators and volumizing fillers that can be selected for injection. With prolonged, repeated use, these types of fillers can often stimulate the production of entirely new collagen and increase the volume of the dermis for often over a year on average.

Your Doctor can assit you in selecting and forming the personal treatment plan that is unique for your needs. A doctor will then administer the injections only to the specific areas of the skin that require treatment. Most people who have undergone an injectable filler treatment can return to performing their normal routine and activities directly after their first treatment. Although some clients may require some cold compresses to relieve any discomfort from the injection sites.

Many people find that injectables are one of the more productive non-invasive treatments for combating the effects of aging of both the face and hands when compared to that of invasive procedures. There are many injectable fillers available on the market such as Botox. Depending on your select needs, injectable fillers can greatly improve the appearance of thin lips, hollow cheeks, facial folds, hollows in the temples as well as asymmetrical nose shapes and more.

When it comes to non-invasive procedures, injectables are considered to be one of the safer treatments available with the most positive outcomes. The specific type of correction you require as an individual will revolve around many factors such as the nature of the correction you require, the location of the correction, as well as the expected duration of the results obtained from the treatment.

There are temporary injections, such as Dysport which can temporarily have an effect on the visible reduction of wrinkles between the eyebrows, near the eyes and on the forehead. The effects of the treatment can last for anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Additional injections can be obtained when necessary for the purpose of maintaining the desired results.

There are also longer lasting injectables that can be utilized such as Radiesse, which is a semi-permanent filler. These types of fillers can last many months longer than temporary injectables. There are other fillers such as Artefill which is primarily used in restoration of the wrinkles found on the face, whose positive effects can last not only longer than those of Radiesse, but the results can even become permanent.

Hand rejuvenation is also a concern of some patients seeking injectable fillers. Sculptra can be used as a long lasting treatment option to restore the missing volume to cheeks as well as hands. The injection of the filler can last for several months and actually stimulates the production of collagen increase in the body.

Regardless of the injectable that is chosen for the client's desired treatment plan, the sessions typically last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the damage that requires restoration.
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