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10 Reasons No Boy Is Good Enough For Daddys Little Girl

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Updated on Jun 28, 2019

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As a young man, I wondered why the fathers of young women that I wanted to hang around were so unfriendly toward me. Now that I have been a father and a grandfather, I think that I can see a little bit of the reason that no boy is ever considered good enough for Daddy’s little girl.

1. Pedestal Placement. Little girls are placed on pedestals by their fathers on the day that they are born. There is no room on that pedestal for an additional person, especially a person of the opposite gender.

2. Genetic Deficiencies. Every young man that gets near that little girl is obviously deficient in his genetic inheritance. They all appear, particularly as they get closer to her, to have Neanderthal ancestry.

3. Genetic Perfection Stands Alone. Need any more be said? I mean, really, she’s absolutely perfect exactly as she is. She needs no male accessory to distract from her perfection.

4. Generational Degradation. It’s obvious from simple observation that this generation of boys is not going to reach the heights of human male perfection that OUR generation managed to achieve. Stop laughing, that wasn’t meant to be funny.

5. Inarticulate. It appears that language skills have not been passed along to the boys around my little girls. Their most common responses in conversation seem to be; “Huh?” “Dude!” and “Whatever!”

6. Poor Parenting. It is also obvious from simple observation that none of these boys have had proper parenting. If they had, they’d know that it’s not acceptable to try and kiss my little girl before her 21st birthday!

7. Intelligence. Daddy’s little girl is brilliant and talented. In fact, she is so brilliant and talented that it would be a shame for her to dumb herself down or mute her talents with a lesser partner.

8. Money. It’s pretty plain to see that some of these boys are too interested in making money to pay the right sort of attention to Daddy’s little girl. It’s also fairly clear that the rest of them are not interested enough in making money to be able to provide proper support for a partnership with her. All fail.

9. Inadequate Vehicles. I look at the cars that some of these boyfriends are driving, and there is no chance that I Daddy’s little girl is going to be safe riding with them. They will need much newer and safer vehicles before I ever let her go anywhere with any of them. As for those that drive new and better vehicles; are you kidding me? I’m not going to allow my little girl to be drawn in by a fancy car!

10. Too Much Imagination. As in mine. I don’t even want to think about what she might do with any of them, when I’m not in direct observation of their time together.

Now, Daddy’s little girl will probably have some argument with some of these 10 reasons, but she’ll just have to get over it and get used to living on that pedestal until Daddy is old and decrepit. At that point, she can finally get down off of it and take care of me in my final years.
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