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You Deserve a Beautiful Austin Home

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Updated on Jul 25, 2013

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There are many gorgeous Austin homes? And you deserve to own at least one of them!

You want a house in Austin with a unique pool and spa combo that gives the backyard a resort feel? You got it! We can find homes in Austin like this that are just miles to downtown Austin. Or, Maybe you are more intrested in Austin houses that are close to parks, pools, libraries, shopping, restaurants. Done!

If you are looking for beautiful real estate in Austin, please call Rose Castro at 512.656.3281 or [email protected]

NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro’s book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES.

Sometimes it is wise to cut our losses and try something different. You may need to modify or adjust your methods. You may need to reassess your goal to make sure it is worth pursuing. But don't ever quit trying.

In military terms, "retreat" doesn’t mean "defeat." It means to regroup and rethink in order to attack again, perhaps from a different angle or by using a different strategy. Similarly, in your life sometimes you need a "retreat."

I guess it’s kind of like when your computer freezes up and all you can do is turn it off and then turn it back on again. I don’t know why it works, but it works. I often think, “Maybe the computer just needed a break.” My hi-tech friends just laugh.

When you’re refreshed, your mind thinks more clearly. You see creative solutions you hadn’t previously seen. Then you can rejoin the battle with a new mindset and renewed vigor. Sometimes, you just need to “re-boot” yourself. If it works for a computer, can it work for you? Have you thought about turning your mind “off” for a few days?

In addition, in trying to decide whether to continue pursuing a certain course of action, beware of the illusion of “sunk costs.” Once you have a lot of time, money, and energy invested into a project, a relationship, or a course of action, pride alone may make you reluctant to walk away from it. Business managers and investors sometimes become so wedded to a course of action that they’re not able to see the hard evidence staring them in the face that they made the wrong decision. Their pride makes them blind to reality. It’s hard for them to admit they may have made a mistake. They get caught in a trap because they made a decision to follow a certain course of action to which the company has now committed thousands or millions of dollars and they’re now unable to admit it was a mistake. They often make matters worse by trying to rescue a dying project. Our country’s involvement in the Vietnam War is an example of this phenomenon. Sometimes, it’s best to just pull out.

Similarly, in our personal lives sometimes we have trouble realizing we’ve been putting our time and energies in the wrong place. Climbing the ladder of success isn’t very useful if you find out at the top that your ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

Every now and then, it’s good to stop and listen to your heart. Sometimes it is good to examine the hard evidence and messages that life may be trying to send you. Heroes pause every now and then to reassess a course of action and make whatever modifications or alterations are necessary. Sometimes it’s wise to abandon a certain course of action and start over. Sometimes it’s a good idea to cut your losses and "stop throwing good money after bad."

At some point during the California Gold Rush, someone figured out that the best way to find gold was to provide goods and services to everyone else who was looking for it. Even when the gold seekers weren’t finding any gold, they still needed food to eat, tools to work with, and a place to sleep. They usually paid with gold dust or gold nuggets. No matter who found the gold or where they found it, it eventually went to the merchants. The merchants kept making money during the good times and bad. The merchants kept collecting it until they had their own huge mountain of gold. There’s always more than one path to your dreams. Through creativity, persistence, and patience, you can ultimately achieve your goal.

There is a big difference between persistence, stubbornness, determination and creative persistence, creative stubbornness and creative determination. Blind persistence is lunacy. Creative persistence is genius.


Remember, if you are buying or selling real estate in Austin, please call Rose Castro at EXIT: Options Realty.
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