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Tips on Staging Your House Like a Pro

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Updated on Jul 17, 2013

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Do you need help staging your Austin house like a pro? You have come to the right place for all your Austin real estate needs.

There are a few simple steps you can take to help stage that house in Austin you are trying to sell. Cleaning your home all of that extra "stuff" is step one. No one wants to see your last 6 months subscriptions of Cosmo or Texas Monthly laying around in your living room or bathroom.

Think hotel when preparing your home in Austin. When walking into a hotel room you think clean and simple. This cleaning of the clutter helps the potential buyer to really see that Austin home and what it has to offer.

Also a neutral appeal goes a long way. Just because you love your pink master bedroom and your lime green kitchen does not mean the potential buyer will too. Dramatic colors can call attention away from a great space and make it more difficult for the people looking at the home to picture themselves there.

With these couple of adjustments here an there you will be selling your property in no time and especially have the help of one of our expert real estate agents.

If interested please call Rose Castro at 512.656.3281.

[email protected]

NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro’s book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES.

If our minds are capable of filtering out huge obstacles in our flight path, physical objects that are literally staring us in the face and obvious errors in our reports, is it possible that you have been filtering out the things that aren’t consistent with your expectations of life? Is it possible that you are missing obvious errors in the way you do life? We all have “blind spots” and hidden character flaws that everyone sees except us. They are like the little piece of spinach between your teeth that everyone stares at when you smile. We don’t see them because we live inside ourselves. But they are obvious to everyone else.

I have represented hundreds of people who were defrauded over the years. In my research and analysis, I discovered that some of the most intelligent and sophisticated people on the planet have been deceived over the centuries, including doctors, engineers, professors, high level executives and even lawyers. I have often asked myself how this could be. In most cases, there were huge red flags warning these people not to invest their money and not to sign the proposed contracts. Yet they plunged headlong into these traps as though there was not a brain cell left in their heads. It wasn’t until I did the research for this book that I realized the source of the problem.

I realized that if someone waves a big enough carrot in front of us, most people focus on the carrot, which causes us to miss the obvious warning signs or to significantly discount them. When we focus on the benefits rather than the risks, we are more likely to miss the red flags. Once we have made up our minds to focus on the carrot, it doesn’t matter that our friends or families may warn us not to take that course of action. We dismiss their concerns by saying they are “just being negative” or they “just don’t get it.” Then we defend our position by looking for additional evidence that supports what we have already made up our minds to see, and we discount the evidence that contradicts our position.

Charles Perrow is a Professor of Sociology at YaleUniversity who studies why catastrophic accidents occur. In his book, Normal Accidents, Perrow explains one of the causes, “[W]e must, of course, make a judgment, even if only a tentative and temporary one. Making a judgment means we create a ‘mental model’ of an expected universe. . . . You are actually creating a world that is congruent with your interpretation, even though it may be the wrong world.” Although Perrow is attempting to explain one of the reasons why catastrophic accidents occur, the Fifth Law of Critical Focus applies to all of life. We tend to filter out what we’re not expecting to see. The possibility that our mental model of the way the world “ought to be” may not be consistent with the way the world really is could have staggering and sometimes tragic results.

On the other hand, it is the most incredible feeling of liberation once we realize that we can consciously and deliberately choose a different and more accurate model of the world. That is the decision behind the decision.

It’s essential that you come to grips with issues you may have been ignoring for years. You may find that you are going in circles, getting the same results you've always gotten, and waiting for something to change. You’re waiting to win the lottery or waiting for that special someone to magically enter your life.

You must be willing to put down the map and study the crushed grass, the broken twigs, and the prints in the soil of the trail you are on. You must be willing to experiment with things you’ve never tried before. This may require that you start reading books you’ve never read before, going places you’ve never gone before, and meeting people you've never met before.

You’ve got to take risks. When you alter your pattern of behavior, you never know what you’re going to find. But one thing is certain: you will get different results from what you’ve been getting.


Remember, if you are buying or selling real estate in Austin, please call Rose Castro at EXIT: Options Realty.
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