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Moving to Austin Because of the Great Communities?

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Updated on May 31, 2013

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Moving to Austin because of the great communities? Let us help you find the best homes in Austin in the best Austin communities!

Looking for a place to start a family? Needing to expand? Then you have found the right people to help you find the Austin real estate to fit your needs. We have a wide variety of Austin homes to choose from that include lots of open floor space, for all your family needs. Wanting a big backyard? Done! How about surrounded by privacy fencing? No problem!

Many of our houses in Austin are surrounded by caring communities, within safe and friendly neighborhoods. Schools are built right into the community and are only walking distance from your front door. Our Austin houses are conveniently located only a few blocks or miles from the nearest shopping centers, and community swimming pools!

Remember, we want your family to be as safe and happy as our family. Give us a call today. Find the right home in the right community for your family.

If interested please call Rose Castro a call at 512-656-3281.
[email protected]

NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro’s book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES.

There’s an ancient story from Hebrew history about a widow and her son who were destitute and hungry. All they had left was a flask with very little oil in it and a little flour in a barrel. It was just enough to make one loaf of bread. One day, a prophet visited the woman and asked her to make him some bread. When she told him her bit of oil and flour were all she had left for her and her son to eat, the prophet promised that if she used what little she had left in God’s service, she would never run out. In her heart, she believed the prophet and poured out her last drop of oil and used her last bit of flour to make the prophet some bread. When the prophet had eaten, he told the woman to go back into the kitchen and make some bread for her and her son. Out of faith, she went back into the kitchen to inspect the flask and the barrel. When she turned the flask over, more oil came out, and when she dug in the flour barrel, there was more flour. For the rest of her life, as long as she kept giving, she had plenty for herself and her son.

If you think about it, the same is true for all of us. We have potentially inexhaustible resources within us that we can share with the world. No matter what little we may think we have, when we make a decision to use it to help others, we trigger the force of a higher power that flows through us and ultimately replenishes us. Think of yourself as a pipeline for water to flow through. If you plug one end, water will fill up the pipe, but it will cease to flow through it. If not used, eventually the water in the pipe will stagnate or dry up and become unusable to anyone. However, if you let it flow, even your own thirst will be satisfied because you’re drinking from a well that’s constantly flowing. As long as this life force is flowing through us to others, we can’t help but enjoy the benefits of it as well. Each of us has something to give, whether it’s time, talent, creativity, or encouragement. You just need to make a decision. Instead of hoarding what you have because you think you have very little, start giving it away. You never know what you have that others might need. As long as you’re giving yourself away, your own needs will be met.

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing

because you can only do a little.

Do what you can.”

Sydney Smith

A recent example of this phenomenon comes from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In that city, lived Oseola McCarty, an 88-year-old African-American woman who had been a washerwoman all her life. She lived in a small home left to her by her uncle, doing laundry for others out of her house for a few dollars at a time. She had a dog named Dog, a hog named Hog, and a cow named Hazel. She had lived by herself since 1967, working every day for a meager income. But she had a great gift—the gift of generosity. Osceola possessed the gift of wanting to help others succeed. On July 26, 1995, she did a very simple thing. She made a decision to give what she had to others, not knowing it would change the rest of her life. Over the years, she’d been saving the little money she made, never wanting much and never needing much. Knowing that she was getting up in age, she decided to dedicate her life savings to the University of Southern Mississippi to finance scholarships. She walked into her bank and asked them to give away her life savings, which amounted to several hundred thousand dollars. She did so without fanfare and without expecting anything in return.

Oseola’s generosity made her a national celebrity. Within weeks of her gift, Oseola had been interviewed by every major news organization in the nation. She was on the front page of the New York Times and the Hattiesburg American. She was on Good Morning America and named one of Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Interesting People of 1995. She was interviewed by Tiempo Nuevo, a “live” Argentine television show and featured in magazines such as Ebony, Jet, People, Guidepost, and Glamour. She was on the BBC and MTV and she carried the Olympic torch a short distance during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Oseola has received countless humanitarian awards and has met with the President of the United States. Roberta Flack and Patti LaBelle have sung her songs. Harvard University gave her an honorary degree. Whoopi Goldberg knelt at her feet.

Before her gift, Oseola McCarty had been out of Mississippi only once and she had never been on an airplane. Now she flies all over the country to receive plaques and awards and to eat dinner with celebrities. Her friends say that the transition in her life has been like watching the petals of a flower open. People have called her holy. People who talk to her say she makes them feel “clean.” They say they feel peace when they’re with her. She wrote and published a book of her sayings called Simple Wisdom For Rich Living. Oseola McCarty is no miracle worker. She had no extraordinary talent, athletic ability, musical ability, mental genius, status, or social connections to speak of. But she did have the ability to see and hear the world around her as only heroes can. She was not angry at society for her station in life. She did not pity herself. Instead of hoarding what she had to get her through her dying days, she made a decision to give away what she had. She was born into poor circumstances, but she was rich in spirit and has enriched the lives of everyone around her. What do you have to give that you are hoarding for yourself, or worse yet, not using at all?

Better to die knowing that you’ve made the world a better place than to hoard what you have and die anyway. In this way, your gift lives forever, and your act of love and kindness breathes life into those around you so that they can breathe life into those around them.

Forests are made not because the trees keep their energy to themselves but because they let little bits of themselves, in seed form, fall from their limbs and be carried away by the wind and little animals. By nourishing the lives of everything around them, the trees ensure that they will grow and prosper and that their generations will live on. They replenish themselves by giving themselves away.

This can be true in your life as well. It doesn’t matter what cards you’ve been dealt in life. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you were born into, what your parents were like or even that you may not know who your real parents are. You choose to do with your life what you will. The book of your life is in your hands. The pages in your future are blank until you write something in them. The pen is in your hand. The future is yours to write. In any event, some of the most interesting books are those with plot twists, evolving characters, and surprise endings. It’s not too late to change the plot or to come up with a surprise ending in your life. You are responsible for how the book ends. At the end of your life, you must stand up in front of the whole class and read what you’ve chosen to write. In the final analysis, it is as you would have it.

Remember, if you are buying or selling real estate in Austin, please call Rose Castro at EXIT: Options Realty.
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