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Making You Entryway Say Welcome with a WOW

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Updated on Jul 17, 2013

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Making your entryway say welcome with a WOW can be simple.

A fresh, inspiring entry with signs of summer on display is a great way to start to relax from a busy day or week. Embrace that easy feeling the moment you step through the door by making a few adjustments to your entry.

Nothing says, "welcome, take a load off" like a nice cozy seat like a bench in the entryway. A tufted settee helps to make a formal entry feel less imposing and more homey, especially with casual throw pillows.

Believe it or not, larger furniture helps to cozy up narrow entry halls. Having a place for everything and everything in its place is also a good idea. You can find cute and creative coat racks and wall hangings for the kid's back packs and your briefcase or purse at any Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge. The great prices don't hurt either!

After this if your Entryway at your Austin house still doesn't say welcome with a wow check out our Austin Real Estate!

If interested in houses in Austin please call Rose Castro at 512.656.3281.

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NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro’s book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES.

Most people assume that they simply see what is there and that they do so by merely opening their eyes and looking. However, psychologists have concluded that we are blind to many objects in our daily experience, which may be in plain sight. Psychologists Arien Mack and Irvin Rock call it “looking without seeing,” or “inattentional blindness.”

My own experience with this happened when I returned home from a trip to New York City. After finding my car in the airport parking lot, my next challenge was to find the parking meter ticket that would tell the parking attendant how many days to charge me for. It’s a tiny piece of paper and I normally toss it in the center console of my car with all the other stuff that sits in the center console. So, that’s where I looked. I found loose change, paper clips, fingernail clippers, fingernails, used dental floss, pens, highlighters, dental floss, a pocket knife, a comb, receipts and who knows what else. But no parking meter ticket. I must have put it in my wallet. Sometimes I write down the number of the parking section I’m in on the meter ticket and stick it in my wallet so I don’t have to go through the entire five acre parking lot looking for my car. My wallet was stuffed fat with my business cards, other people’s business cards, drivers license, credit cards, State of Texas Bar card, pictures, long distance calling cards, a Sam’s card, cash and handwritten reminders of things to do. But no parking meter ticket.

I searched the center console again, slower this time. Nothing. I decided to take more serious measures and pulled everything out of my wallet and spread it out on the passenger seat. As I was going through this pile, one piece of paper at a time, something blew into my face from the air conditioner, which was blowing full blast. It felt like a bug was dancing on my nose. I reached up to swat it and discovered that it was a tiny piece of paper. It was the parking meter ticket! What the hell? I stared at it in disbelief. Then I busted out laughing.

I remembered I had stuck the parking meter ticket in the very center of the steering wheel where the seams come together so that it would stick out horizontally and point right at me when I sat down in the car. The point was to try to save myself the regular hassle I go through every time I return home from a trip – trying to find the stupid parking meter ticket. But even when it was literally staring me in the face, I couldn’t see it. The air conditioner had to make it fly up and hit me on the nose! Why? Because I was not expecting it to be there. I expected it to be somewhere else. My mind had literally filtered it out.

Arien Mack and Irvin Rock explain that:

Almost everyone at one time or another has had the experience of looking without seeing and of seeing what is not there. . . During these moments, even though our eyes are open and the objects before are us are imaged on our retinas, we seem to perceive very little, if anything.

To confirm this fact, psychologist R.F. Haines conducted an experiment in which researchers asked commercial airline pilots to fly a simulated plane into a landing. As they began to descend for the landing, the computer put another airplane right in the middle of the runway where they were supposed to land. Many pilots tried to land the plane anyway instead of pulling up. Why is that? Haines explains that our minds tend to filter out things that we weren’t expecting so that reality becomes consistent with our expected model of the world.

When my book editor read this chapter, she concluded that this must also be why it is so difficult to proofread your own letters and reports. You know what the document is supposed to say and your mind filters out all of the errors. That’s why you need someone else to proofread your work.

It is my position that the Fifth Law of Critical Focus applies to all of life, not just to typographical errors, looking for a piece of paper or landing an airplane. As human beings, we tend to see life, not as it is, but as we are expecting it to be. We look for evidence that supports our expectations and discount or exclude any evidence to the contrary. Then we become frustrated or disillusioned, and we stay frustrated until we reconcile our expectations with the way life really is.


Remember, if you are buying or selling real estate in Austin, please call Rose Castro at EXIT: Options Realty.
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