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Updated on May 3, 2013

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If you're looking for houses in Austin, look no further. Our agents can help you find a
4 bed, 2 bath 1920's home in heart of Austin. Some homes in Austin have beautiful, mature trees! Do you want Austin real estate with a huge master bedroom with an antique fireplace mantel and retored hardwood floors? You got it.

Some Austin homes have large front porches, parquet floors, vaulted beam ceilings, and open floor plans. We can help you find the one that suits your needs.

We can help you find Austin houses with a look through fireplace between the dining room and living room.

Don't wait! Find great houses in Austin today.

If you are looking for beautiful homes in Austin, please call Rose Castro at 512.656.3281; [email protected]

NOTE: As a thank you for reading this blog post, we are providing you with a free excerpt from Dan Castro’s book CRITICAL CHOICES THAT CHANGE LIVES.Sixth Law of Critical Focus: The more we see, the more options that are available to us.

The more we are able to see, the more information can be transmitted to our brains. The more information we have, the more options we have. As we receive more information, our attitudes change. As our attitudes change, so do our decisions. From the beginning, mankind has been on a constant quest to increase the information available to him in order to make better decisions. Early on, mankind discovered that he could see more when he was standing on a mountaintop than he could when he was standing in the flatland or in the valley. The higher our elevation, the greater the amount of information available to us.

As time moved on, so did man’s ability to elevate himself to a higher position from which to view situations and problems. For example, during the Civil War, military officers discovered they could use hot-air balloons to elevate themselves above the battle scene in order to see the enemy positions. This new perspective changed the way they mapped strategies and made battlefield decisions. This demonstrates the Sixth Law of Critical Focus. What we see determines the options that are available to us. As technology has advanced, so has our ability to “elevate” our vision and increase the information available to us. Today, we are able to see the entire world from outer space through the power of satellites.

Similarly, when you are grappling with any difficult situation, it helps to step back from the situation. It helps to elevate yourself to a higher state of mind.

Heroes see opportunities that others don’t see because they see the world from an elevated position. What will you be able to see when you learn to see through hero’s eyes? Heroes see new solutions to old problems. Heroes see alternate routes to their goals when others see only dead ends.

Anthony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power, tells an interesting story about Colonel Sanders before he became famous. When Colonel Sanders was 65 years old, he was flat broke. This was the time in his life when he should have been retired and living off a pension or the proceeds from his investments. But this was not the case. All he had was a monthly social security check for a meager $105. This was the wrong time in his life to have a crisis. The highway that used to run near his restaurant had been re-routed and his business had gone down the tubes. All he had left was a "pretty good" recipe for fried chicken. Think about it—a recipe for fried chicken! Does this sound like what you would hang your hopes and dreams on? But he took what little he had and pursued it with all of his passion. He took his idea on the road. His grandiose idea was to sell his chicken recipe and show people how to cook their chicken in exchange for a percentage of their profits. He would dress up in a white Southern colonial suit and drive from restaurant to restaurant trying to sell his chicken recipe. He had to sleep in his car many nights because he couldn't afford a hotel room. What would your reaction have been when you saw an old geezer in a white colonial suit walking through your door? Is it Halloween? He was turned down 1,009 times. But eventually someone finally said yes. Then another person said yes and then another. The rest is history.

Was it the Colonel's chicken recipe that made him a success? No. He had that recipe all along. But now he chose to open his eyes and see new ways to make money with it. Did his crisis situation force him to open his eyes? No. At that age, he could have just decided that life was over and started relying on friends, relatives or the government. His eyes were opened because he made a deliberate decision not to give up. When we choose to keep going no matter what, life has a way of celebrating our decision by meeting us half way. New opportunities seem to materialize out of thin air. Things we never saw before spring to life.

The Colonel did not become wealthy and famous because he was destined to become wealthy and famous. He became a hero because he saw what no one else saw. He made some tough decisions and created his own destiny along the way. He decided to follow his dream. And then he kept deciding every day to keep getting up and to continue pursuing his dream, even when he was tired and discouraged. He kept making these tough decisions every day, even when it seemed that the whole world was sending him a message: "This is a stupid idea." Do you have the guts to make these daily decisions in the face of extreme adversity? Can you see through hero’s eyes?

Millions of good ideas are floating around out there. You may have some of your own. But what will make them ultimately succeed is your absolute determination to keep trying and a daily decision to keep working until you get what you want. Sheer desire and persistence makes us or breaks us.

The Colonel was not on a time clock that told him when he was “washed up.” He started a whole new career, moreover a whole new industry, when society and the federal government told him it was time to retire. This is proof that the only limits are in our minds. There’s no deadline for pursuing or achieving our dreams. There’s no single exclusive way to do it. Whatever works for you, pursue it. If the road you’re on isn’t taking you toward your goals, don't give up on your goals. Try another road.


Remember, if you are buying or selling real estate in Austin, please call Rose Castro at EXIT: Options Realty. 512.656.3281
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